Date  2021-05-27

Volunteer application 2022

"Thanks again for the opportunity to volunteer. I had an amazing time this weekend. It was a great event!! Now... I MUST get dogs! " 
Melanie Sommerfeldt volunteer, WC2018 Sweden

Being a volunteer can involve everything from helping with breakfast for the mushers on race day, to be assistance at the star place or standing at a road crossing, help any of the referees with equipment control and more. It can also involve working with the web or to help out in the secretariat.

Work as a volunteer can mean long shifts, happy and satisfied contestants but also tired and disillusioned ones, new friendships and many experiences. One thing is for sure, it’s a week you will not forget!

We offer free room and board  plus a WC2022 Jacket to our volunteers. You will have to share the room with other volunteers. Most accommodation have 2-6 beds/room. The general standard will be hostel level.

Note. By applying to be a volunteer it does not mean you are guranteed a place. You will be informed about if you are accepted.

We will have limited volunteer number.

If you have any questions about beeing a volunteer. Send your questions to: 

What times will I work as a volunteer?

Working times will vary and some roles will require early w

ake-ups depending on your assignment. In general, the shifts will resemble normal working day duration but they can start and end at different times of the day. You will receive a personal shift plan once on site.

Will I be able to watch the races as volunteers?
You will be able to see some of the competitions as you will also have time off during the period you are volunteering.

Will I receive accommodation and travel compensation as volunteer?
ÖStersund 2022 will provide you with accommodation but cannot compensate for your travel costs to Östersund. Once on site in Ramudnberget, we provide transport from your accommodation to the Arena and back. To find someone to share a ride to Östersundt with, join the Volunteers Östersund 2022 Facebook group to meet other volunteers and share travel plans.

Will I be trained for my role as a volunteer?
As a volunteer you will be required to complete a general volunteer and hostmanship training program. You will also receive a lot of information and training for your specific area of work. Your team leader will also be there to help you complete your assignments.

Can I decide what kind of work I do as a volunteer?
Yes, when you submit your registration and application you can also describe your preferences regarding the type of role you are interested in.

Do I have to commit to volunteer for the entire duration of the Championships?
No, you can also volunteer for shorter periods of time. But Volunteers who check for all days will get WC jacket.

Will I be paid as a volunteer?
No, but we will provide you with accommodation, meals and clothing that suits your role. In addition you will have a chance to network and make new friends and have a fantastic memory for a lifetime!

How do I know whether I was accepted as volunteer?
You will receive an email from us to the email address you provided in your registration. More information will follow soon after that.

How can I become a volunteer?
Visit the Volunteers page on our website and read the job description. If you wish to register as volunteer, submit your application and create a profile in our volunteer management system by filling in all the required information. We are continuously reviewing applications and you will get our response as soon as we have reviewed.

How should I communicate with my team leader and team?
You will be invited to a Slack group with your team leader and team members. Slack is the communication tool that we are going to use before and during the event. 

What should I do if I am sick or get injured?
Contact your team leader to inform them that you are sick / injured.

If I cannot do the assigned tasks, what should I do?

Contact your team leader who will facilitate contact with someone who can re-assign you to better suitable tasks for you.

How will I know what I have to do?
Information about your tasks during your scheduled period of work. You will  receive information through our communication tool called Slack.

Do I always have to wear my accreditation?
You will always need to wear your accreditation when you are in the Arena or any other areas that are not open for public. You will also need to wear your accreditation when you are working. Your accreditation is your identity and access card in all the accredited areas.

How will I know where I report to work?
Your team leader will contact you with information on where and when you will meet.

Where will the volunteer meals be served?
All volunteer meals will be served at the Volunteer Center.

Can I park at my accommodation?
Availability of parking will depend on each accommodation. See detailed information provided in due course.

Will I have to share the room?
Yes, you will have to share the room with other volunteers. Most accommodation have 2-6 beds/room.

What if I do not want to live in the accommodation assigned to me?
ÖStersund 2022 provides all volunteers with accommodation. If you choose to live somewhere other than the assigned accommodation, you are welcome to arrange your own place to stay, or swap your accommodation with another volunteer working the same time period / days as you.

Where will my accommodation be located?
Volunteer accommodation will be located near the skistadion in Östersund.  The exact location of your accommodation will be communicated in due course.

ponder will be handed out


I need accommodation
I do not need Accommodation
All days 8 to 13th of March
9th of March Wednesday
10th of March Thursday
11th of March Friday
12 th of March Saturday
I eat everything
allergy (if yes, note what kind in messages below)
Start and finish area
Secretariat/ Adminstration
Vet check/ assistants
Food/ VIP