Visit Östersund has the total view over accommodations for the ÖSTERSUND 2022.

The Accommodation will be coordinated from Destination Östersund .
 Contact Destination Östersund for personal assitants or vist the links below to book by your self.

Phone: +46 (0)63-701 17 00

WEB SITE : www.

n Östersund, there are several hotels and guest houses to choose from, from large chain hotels to smaller family hotels. Of the hotels and guest houses in Östersund, most are centrally located but also some outside the city center.
Whichever you choose, you will get a comfortable and pleasant accommodation.

If you are looking for other accommodation, see here.

Hotels & Guesthouses

Camping site for motorhomes

Here you will find sites for caravans / motorhomes in the area around Östersund, Frösön and Lit. Most of them are close to nature and with great views.


Östersund and the surroundings are offering many private accommodations to rent.

Please visit Airbnb web site for more information and contacts:

Östersund ·Private Accomadation · Airbnb >>>>