Practical information for the competition 2022

There are many accommodation options, such as hotels, small guest housesB & Bhostels and apartments. Östersund offers several campsites with holiday villages and if you have a motorhome or caravan, there are nice places on both camping and motorhomes areas.


WSA/IFSS and Österund 2022 demand a complete (core-) vaccination against:
• Parvovirus
• Leptospira
• Distemper, Hepatitis contagiosa canis (CAV1)
• Vaccination against kennel cough disease.


Trails for a World Champion!!!
We will have the best trailmakers in the world for or  World Championship. The same team that make the WC Biatlon trails and for the World Cup.

The design of the trails are fun and fast.
All trails for WC 2022 with data you find here. You will also find updates. 

All trails will start and finish at the Stake-out in Östersund


So far, only a rough schedule has been drawn up for the race days. As soon as more detailed information is available about arrivals, departures, vet checks, doping tests, etc., it will be posted here.